The Team

The Human

Herbert Flower

I’ve been making games since the 80s on the Commodore and Atari ST.  I suddenly find myself in the future, where they tell me polycount doesn’t matter as much, and pretty much nothing is impossible!?  I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long! — So long that now I’m an ancient 48 years old and no longer have the energy to make entire games on my own.  I think I’ll be happy making important parts of games from now on.  I love animation, but photogrammetry is really calling to me these days, so I’m going to give it a go. 

Other interests include hiking, riding horses, building and restoring old cars, long distance rides on my recumbent bike, and thinking about physics and the nature of reality. 




The Dog


For every mile the goats and I walk, Luna trots three.  She zips around searching for jack rabbits and lizards to chase.  She has, of course, never caught one and wouldn’t know what to do if she did. 

She’s got a silly personality and is obsessed with her rubber squeak toys.  Will she protect the farm against coyotes or cougars?  In her mind, her job is to hassle the horses rather than guarding the goats.  


The Goats



Shelby GT

My oldest, best pack goat.  He’s a skinny and tall alpine with amazing work ethic.  He’s been everywhere and seen the desert high and low, and been on more adventures than Louis & Clarke and Marco Polo put together!  His long legs and loyalty are his best attributes.  He’s also good at retopology.



He’s only the boss because he has the horns for it.  Deep down he’s very sweet and loves being scratched just like a cat… And if you fail to please him he’ll let you know.  He always gets the best food and the most treats.  Its good to be king.  He’s skilled at UV mapping.



An alpine/boer mix who’s a little stocky but he pulls his weight.  He’s super chill and wouldn’t think of causing trouble on the trail.  He always finds his own way (the easy way) over any obstacle.  I usually assign him the job of removing shadows from albedo textures.


Vincent VanGoat

No, I didn’t harvest his ears for a special Reuben sandwich.  He’s a Lamancha goat and they come that way from the factory.  He still wont jump up into the back of the SUV– I need to work on that.  He mainly gets to work on modifying and cleaning up the high-poly scans.


Barry Goatalo

He’s the youngest and will start carrying weight this year.  He’s an alpine with 1/4 nubian, so he’s got size and may end up being the biggest.  He hiked to the top of Colorado’s 14,000 ft. Mt. Uncompogre with me when he was a few months old, so he’s got what it takes!   Barry is still an intern and has to do the boring stuff like making colliders and LODs.