Over 100 Photo-Scanned, Modular Sandstone Prefabs!

Photogrammetry is the art of converting photos of a real-world object into a detailed mesh.  The hard part is converting a scan with millions  of triangles to a game-ready mesh with a few thousand triangles.

Castle Valley Collection #1 Details


Create Environments Worth Exploring!


These days, to create an interesting, believable environment, you’ll need a lot of actual content

With the huge size of the Castle Valley Collection, you’ll have many choices when you reach for another boulder or cliff!

Everything was made with level-design in mind.  Say goodbye to bland, height-mapped terrain and add some real geometry  and geology  to your maps!  Adding obstacles and enhancing the vertical dimension of the environment creates its own gameplay. 

If you love exploring your own game’s world, you know you’re on the right track!


  • 4K Textures
  • Quality LODs
  • Efficient UVs
  • Fast Colliders
  • Hand Made Topology
  • True Photogrammetry
  • Massive Mesh Scale
  • Fully Matched Set

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