Castle Valley Collection #1 (Unity)

Over 100 assets made entirely with photogrammetry!  This is meant to be a complete, matching kit that will allow you to create realistic desert sandstone environments in the Unity game engine. 

The goal was to create meat-and-potatoes, bulky assets that can be used to build real structure.  This is not just scaled-up rocks, but actual scans of huge cliffs and real formations.

All prefabs have fast, accurate colliders, quality LODs, and hand made topology + UV mapping.  You’ll get cliffs, ledges, boulders, stone plates, ground panels, set-pieces, rock piles, sandstone spires, ground textures, and  even some bonus material.

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Castle Valley Collection #1 (UE4)

(Not yet released)

Its true that photogrammetry is easily available to Unreal Engine users, but you’ll discover the selection is a bit random, and the end product is usually more suited for rendered scenes in film than real-time game engines.  In the end, you’ll want a set made of pieces that are actually meant to work together so you can build a consistent world optimized for games… 

Presenting Castle Valley Collection #1 for Unreal Engine4!… Soon, anyhow.

War Ants (Unity)

(Not yet released)

FIVE ultra-high-quality, matching monsters with full animation, sound, and basic movement script included.  They’re root-motion friendly, and have great LODs, so you can use them in large numbers.  You’ll get the larva, worker, soldier, war ant, and queen which you can use to populate your entire dungeon– Or have them wander the land eating anything in their path.  They’d work in fantasy, post-apocalyptic, or science-fiction settings.   Available for any Unity pipeline sometime soon.


Castle Valley Collection #2

Work Has Started !!!

This will be a smaller set meant to be compatible with Collection #1.  This set will focus on the prefabs that were the most useful in day-to-day level design in the first collection.  More boulders, ledges, slabs, scree piles, and rubble.


I’ve discovered a new area with the most incredible rocks!  Millions of them!