Castle Valley Collection #1 (Unity)


(Humanoid in the center to show scale)

Over 100 Game Ready Scans!

Ready to go for Built-In and HDRP render pipelines.

Here’s what you’ll be getting:

  • 31 Huge cliffs, spires, cap blocks, corners, etc.
  • 4 Ledges (more detail for closer viewing)
  • 13 Obstacles (detailed centerpiece formations)
  • 11 Boulders (large with great erosion details)
  • 15 Plates (large slabs with many uses)
  • 9 Ground Panels (complex, rocky surfaces)
  • 15 Rocks (can be scaled up and still look perfect)
  • 4 Rock Piles (many rocks scanned in one mesh)
  • 7 Tiling Terrain Materials
  • Bonus Items (juniper, sage, bones, animated condor)

The value here speaks for itself– AAA companies would spend a fortune sending teams into the desert, hoping for the right photography conditions, and another fortune making the scans game-ready.  You’re getting it for pennies-per-prefab!  This is only possible because Goatogrammetry’s employees are paid in alfalfa. 




Real Photogrammetry

Actual desert formations are scanned.  The high detail scan then goes through a tedious manual process to convert it for use in the Unity game engine.  Expect only the best from Goatogrammetry!

Polycount Matters

Each prefab has at least 4 quality  LODs, each being half the triangle count as the previous one.  You can tune this kit to your game’s target platform by adjusting the LOD groups’ view distance.

Modular Pieces

All of these scans were created to work as a set.  The cliffs match each other and fit together without the need for pixel-perfect positioning.  If you have an idea, you can probably make it happen with this kit!

A Sense Of Scale

Goatogrammetry will leave the twigs, branches, and stumps to other creators.  This kit is about terrain, and specifically, huge, towering, bulky, view-blocking monster meshes unlike anything else.